Tiny Home Living: Patio and Outdoor Space


The beauty of living in the Southern California desert is that outdoor space can easily become an extension of your home. Minimalist living in a manufactured tiny-home is at its best when open doors and windows are a part of the design. But what does it take to make your tiny-patio or outdoor extension a practical, useful part of your home?

Collapsible or Stacking Furniture

If your home is on one of our Courtyard Model lots, patio space is built into the design already, encouraging you to incorporate this space into your dining and living area. But different occasions may call for new configurations. If you don’t have space for all the varieties of living that you do outdoors, consider a dining or coffee table with patio chairs that fit underneath it.

A table with leaves that can fold down on either side will give you more space to maneuver as well. Building a bench into the side of the patio is another great way to save space. Backless chairs with removable cushions are great as coffee tables, too, and they preserve your view of the expansive skyline. Whatever you choose, versatility is the key.

Using Color and Shapes

With the neutral desert beige outside, a nice pop of color on the patio can make the space stand out. Consider an outdoor rug under the table to liven up the space and bring some excitement. If you have a porch, adding wind-shielding curtains or a colorful tapestry can also do the trick. Or, choose a monochromatic pattern to repeat throughout the space. This design idea will bring the patio together and make it a great space.

Just as important as color is your use of shape. Furniture that matches the patio’s shape will bring cohesion to the space: a round table fits perfectly into a round space, while a rectangular table might overwhelm a small square space. This will maximize the area and keep it from feeling overwhelmed by furnishings.

Incorporating Nature

Although we’re in a desert, the outside is hardly barren, and neither should your outside space be! Design a hanging garden of potted plants for the railing, or place some potted succulents around the patio to frame the space. Be sure to choose seasonal, drought-tolerant plants for easy maintenance. If you are interested in planting something edible, there are many guides available to help you with water and sun schedules.

Looking for something a little more contemplative? If you have space on your lot outside the patio, consider designing a small rock labyrinth; if your space is on concrete, you can paint the labyrinth on top of it. Either way, you will have a quiet, small place to meditate and pray.  Add to the atmosphere by adding a small water feature or a bird bath. Just the presence of a little water will make your space feel homey and peaceful.

Bring the Joy

The best accessory for outdoor space is friends! So, however you design your patio space, make sure it’s friendly and accessible. Whether you invite walkers passing by on the street or neighbors from around the corner, make sure to share the beauty of your outdoor living space with the community at Caliente Springs!

Jen Hasselbeck